This May Be Why Your Dog is Eating Grass

dog eating grass

Finally, we’ve unlocked the secret behind what causes your dog’s infatuation with eating grass.

Is your dog hungry?

Why Do Dogs Eat GrassFirst, it’s important to recognize that dogs aren’t exclusively carnivores. They obtain nutrients from many different sources, and sometimes, that source is grass. However, chances are that if you’ve noticed your pooch is munching on a lot more grass than usual, it’s probably because they have an upset stomach.

Is your dog feeling sick?

sick dogAccording to PetMD, dogs are very resourceful, and when they experience an upset stomach, they’ll turn to grass as a natural remedy to the situation. Grass blades help to induce vomiting by tickling the back of the throat and the lining of the stomach. This is very common, especially if they are swallowing the grass whole versus chewing it.

How to spot the difference.

sick dogDeciphering between an upset stomach and a nutritional deficit can be difficult. However, if you noticed little Chip is chewing grass and swallowing it, without vomiting, chances are he is searching for some nutritional value. PetMD recommends adding “natural herbs and cooked vegetables” to their daily meals in order to offer an additional source of nutrition. If you noticed that Chip is eating hordes of grass quickly and vomiting, he’s probably trying to settle his upset stomach. Adding bland chicken and white rice to his next meal may help to settle his tummy and avoid any future problems.

Next time you see your dog going in on the front yard like a lawnmower, just remember, it’s not bad for them. Just ensure they’re not showing signs of illness or malnutrition. If you think they might be, then talking with your Vet is the next step in determining the root cause of their grass eating.